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> Tangent #72: Lady Gaga's True Identity
The music world was rocked recently with the news that dance pop star Lady Gaga's true identity is actually Blossom Russo, the fun-loving, wacky dressing youngster that warmed the nation's collective heart every Monday at 8:30pm on NBC during her early 90's television super-smash-hit "Blossom".

The secret that had so closely been guarded leaked out Wednesday, during a sudden appearance on MTV's highly rated show "Strange Singers That Look Oddly Like Mayim Bialik".

Though she was not scheduled to appear during the taping, Lady Gaga stumbled onto the set during an interview with Actress Jenna von Oÿ. At this time Gaga, reaking of alcohol, walked into the camera shot and slurred/screamed, "I'm BLOSSOM!!! It's ME!!! I'm FU-FU-FU-FU-CKING BLOSSOM!!! Oh the HUMANITY!!!" She then vomitted on von Oÿ, started singing "I've got Buh-Buh-Buh-Buh-BLOSSOM'S FACE!", warbled like a wildebeast, and passed out on the stage.

Upon hearing this news, her brother Joey said "Whoa!".