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> Tangent #71: Mock Photography - Never, Never, Never Eat A Baby
Yet another in my series of Mock Photography. I found this image while sifting through thousands of typical suburban happy family Stock Photo shots that leave me in a nauseous stupor if viewing for too long. When I first came across this picture, I just stared at it in utter confusion. Then I realized that I HAD to mock this one... it was destined to be ripped on, so here it goes...

"NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EAT A BABY! (without ketchup)"

Who the FUCK would EVER use this image? WHY would you use this IMAGE? I mean, who came up with this shot and why would it be categorized under happy family shots? How happy can a family be if it has come down to eating their own young for nourishment?

Wow... I just... I can't even make fun of it anymore because it is just too weird.

To this picture I say, "BRAVO", for you have captured my attention for MUCH longer than things I am supposed to be focusing on instead.