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> Tangent #70: Tank Tops
J.C. Penney has recently announced a massive recall on their new Spring line of Tank Tops (as pictured below), siting that fact that Tank Tops are in fact a SLEEVELESS shirt.

"These shirt CLEARLY have sleeves.", remarked Maggie Highbright, a customer who had purchased one of the shirts. "When I initially bought it, I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was. The weighty armor and thick tread really matched WONDERFULLY with my shoes. Imagine my dismay when I slipped it on and found that sleeves had been sewn in. I cried for hours and took it right back to the store once I had the strength to remove it."

The fashion designer Gregor H. Heimlich is to blame, having inadvertently added the extra arm material when creating this line specifically for Penney's, bringing embarrassment to both him and his entire family. Asked to further explain the situation, founder James Cash Penney had nothing to say due to the fact that he has been dead since 1971.