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> Tangent #67: Fashion Jew
While flicking through the channels a while back, I came across this. It took me by suprise at first. I looked at the channel guide and was ACTUALLY trying to figure out what kind of show "Lauren G. Adams Fashion Jew" was.

It took me a few seconds to realize that it couldn't fit the entire word "Jewelry" there, but for some reason I thought it was just HYSTERICAL that I actually thought someone out there made a show called "Lauren G. Adams Fashion Jew".

If that was real, could you imagine the possible spin-offs:

  • Phyllis B. Barth Designer Catholic
  • Tran G. Ho Stylin' Buddhist
  • Bakki L. Delhi Faddish Hindu
  • Clarrisa Z. Stormraven Gucci-rific Pagan