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> Tangent #64: HeliCarpter
In Business News today, Divium Aeronatics Corporation, leaders in the design and creation of some the world's most high-tech jets, helicopters, and massive air transportation for over 43 years, has announced it's sudden bankruptcy and plans to dissolve the company over the course of the next two weeks.

This news has stunned the Aviation industry and will leave over 6,200 Divium employees upset, enraged, and jobless within the next few days.

At a press conference held this morning, CEO Robert Hookscrew explained that the sudden closing of the corporation was largely due to the massive failure of it's new line of air transport known as the HeliCarpter.

As we all know by now the HeliCarpter is half Single Main Rotor Helicopter with Ducted Fan and half gigantic biogentically engineered mutant fish of the Carp variety.

The company had sunk almost 80% of it's time and money into the production of the HeliCarpter line over the past 11 years since it's inception. Since it's original release for purchase over 5 years ago, 2 of the 87,544 HeliCarpters that were produced had been sold, leaving 87,542 of the HeliCarpters sitting in storage, rotting away, flopping around helplessly, and making those really disconcerting fish mouth gasps for air puckering noises in the Divium Warehouses around the world.

Asked why Divium decided to risk everything it had on such an amazingly stupid idea, Robert Hookscrew stated that the entire fiasco was actually the result of a typo. The original concept that was supposed to be created was a Heli-Car-pter, which would have been an extremely cutting-edge Half Car/Half Helicopter. This vehicle would have the ability of both land and air travel at the push of a button. The Flying Car was FINALLY going to be brought to the public and change the transportation industry forever. The Heli-Car-pter was sure to have sold in the thousands if not millions within the first few years.

The "Big Ideas" marketing unit located in Bagums, Washington did not realize that the Heli-Car-pter concept written up by them had been mistyped with no hyphens. When the engineering and product design units located in Changwaaaa, China received the ideas, they mistook HeliCarpter as meaning Heli-Carp-ter and instantly began work on the Half Helicopter/Half Fish that had brought the corporation to it's knees.

Asked why the actual process of it's design was never questioned or stopped during the initial 6 years of internal creation and testing, let alone the 5 years it has been in FULL production, Robert Hookscrew responded with "Uhhhh, geesh. I dunno. Just never thought of it I guess. Hey everybody makes mistakes. So we got a mongoloid hovering fish you can sit in instead of a nifty flying car. I don't really see what the big deal is. If everybody would just buy a HeliCarpter, we wouldn't be IN this mess, now would we."

And what will happen to the remaining HeliCarpters. 45,000 will be sent to Red Lobster over the next year and the rest will find their way into Gorton's Fish Sticks (new motto "The Fish Sticks so GOOD they FLY right into your mouth").