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> Tangent #60: "I'm Fucking" Video Trilogy
This is by far the BEST Video Trilogy of ALL TIME!!! Whenever I watch ANY of the videos below, I begin laughing so hard I almost die a little on the inside.

For those of you who have never heard, seen, or smelled any of the videos below, here is a quick history breakdown.

  1. Late Night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel (whose previous work as the lovable announcer on the game show "Win Ben Stein's Money" won him great praise for being able to read questions in a sarcastic manner and then who later hosted one of the most important television shows in the history of television shows -- "The Man Show" which he co-hosted with Adam Corolla)... shit... where was I... oh yeah.

    So anyways, Jimmy has his girlfriend, the foul yet adorable comedienne Sarah Silverman on the show. During his "interview" with her, she breaks in saying that she needs to tell him something... the video plays... and an instant Video Classic is born: "I'm Fucking Matt Damon."

  2. This will NOT be the last of it. Oh no. As a revenge, Jimmy Kimmel comes out swinging with a full celebrity cast on the now famous "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck". At times hard rocking and at times gentle, sweet, and extremely gay. The song delves straight to the heart and swells with the passion that only one man can have for another. Truly a beautiful song.

  3. ...and then Seth Rogan gets in on the action. You know. That dude from 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, and Knocked Up. His duet with super hot comedienne Elizabeth Banks is a truly HYSTERICAL parody of the original Jimmy Kimmel songs in which she sings with disgust that she is... well... fucking Seth Rogan to get jobs. Which makes Seth Rogan quite happy really. This is truly a happy ending that ultimately gives a wonderful sense of closure to literally one of the Greatest Video Trilogies of ALL TIME!!!