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> Tangent #39: Reason For Getting Punched By My Wife - No. 1
So I come home from work and start thinking to myself the following:

"Gee, I am slightly worn out from a long work day. I can't believe how exhausted I am due to the stress, strain, and overall lack of excercise and good eating habits. I wonder what it would take to get my wife to hit me in the head in a fit of rage?"

I say this sarcastically.

In all actuality, I stumble in from work not thinking a single thing -- totally brain-sucked and drooling. As soon as I hit the couch, I snap myself out of it and begin dragggggging myself out of the blah, drek, and ho-hum of manic robo-work mode.

I come to find out that my sweet Wife is in a rather foul and nasty mood for some reason or another. She grabs my dinner from the microwave, tosses it on the counter, and merely grumbles in response to my "And how was your day, baby.".

Me, being the most suave gentleman in the world, quickly responds back to her muffled grunts with:

(Please read aloud in an annoying sing-song manner)

"Well, aren't we Miss Moody, Rudey, and Got-A-Bad Attitudey!!!"


......she sloooowly turns towards me. Her hair falling in front of her face, partially hiding her eyes but not hiding the red glow of the devil hate pushing through the recesses of the netherworld......


And that, dear readers, is Reason #1 for me getting smacked in the head by my wife. (Mind you, I can think of a HUNDRED reasons why I have been smacked by my wife, but this is the first one I have written down for historical purposes.)

I thought it was funny. Guess she didn't.

But c'mon... it WAS funny.

Never did find out why she was in a bad mood. Oh well.