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> Tangent #38: The World's Worst Horror Movie Sing-A-Long
The name says it all. Beware... watching this may cause confusion, wooziness, blindness, deafness, and nasty bouts of vomiting that will not stop until the lining of your stomach is laying on the ground next to your twitching body.

The World's Worst Horror Movie Sing-A-Long

This is the World's WORST Sing-A-Long in a movie EVER!!! The best part: it is from a super funky, incredibly cheesy 1980's HORROR movie called "Reel Horror" which is REAL TERRIBLE. Absolutely unwatchable. Includes a super freaky midget with GIANT Bon Jovi hair. You can NEVER go wrong with midgets sporting humongous Hair Metal Head Fuzz.
The Making Of the Behind the Scenes of The World's Worst Horror Movie Sing-A-Long

Quite simple really. I bought the movie "Reel Horror" at a Dollar Store for (you guessed it) One Whole Dollar. When my wife and I got home from our big Dollar Store Shopping Spree Extravaganza, I waited in anticipation for her to go to bed. She HATES bad horror movies. Me... I eat bad horror movies for breakfast. Love 'em. Once she muddled her way upstairs to go to bed, I popped that bad boy into the dvd player, navigated through the menu that looked like it had been designed by a blind retarded man, and hit "Play Movie". Then I sat back to await a wonderfully bad flick.

If only I had known the horrors that awaited me, I would have stopped myself. But it was too late. The fickle finger of fluffy fate had other plans for me that night.

As I watched the movie's crack-smoking randomness of a plot unfold before my horrified eyes, I found myself saying such things as:

  • Wow.. what the... huh... Why are the talking in SUPER ECHO talk?
  • What the... What's up with that pirate patch and that outfit... Holy mother.. that outfit... gahhhh... eyes bleeding
  • Huh... what the hell is going on NOW. What the fuck is up with that MIDGET??? Ahhh... did David Lynch direct this? He looks like a Mini-Kenny Loggins. Or... or... WORSE... a Mini-Heather Locklear that had been beat with an ugly tree. Hmmm... I wonder how many beers it would take before I would... AHHH... stop thinking that... stop... probably 8.
  • What.. SINGING!!! Holy CRAP this is HORRIBLE!!! HOLY SHIT... make it STOP... ah... my GOD... what a totally gigantic steaming oozing pile of crap.
I fell asleep watching it. Now that I think of it, I probably didn't really fall asleep at all. It was just my mind's natural defense system kicking in and forcing me directly into my Happy Place and far far away from this movie.

This is probably the worst movie I have EVER seen. Best dollar I ever spent.

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