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> Tangent #37: "Chocolate REIGN!!!" - Death Metal Parody of
   Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain"
When I first heard the words "Chocolate Rain" uttered at work, I was confused. One of my co-workers kept singing "Ch-Ch-Chocolate Raaaaiinnn" over and over and over. Finally, I had to ask him why the HELL he was doing. So... he sent me a link to view a song called "Chocolate Rain" by the now INFAMOUS Tay Zonday.

The Maniac's "Chocolate Reign" - Death Metal Chocolate Rain

> Download the "Chocolate REIGN" MP3 here.
   Right click the link and use "Save Target As..." to save it to your computer.

The link sent me over to a video on YouTube. I quickly glanced at the title. The song clip only had a couple thousand hits at the time. Seemed harmless enough, so I hit the play button. As I began watching, a young man's bespeckled head popped up almost magically from below the camera. And then... the song began. I became entranced. Something about the song just BURROWED like a TAPEWORM in that little place in my mind that controls addiction... forcing me to watch it over and over and over.

Chocolate Rain!!!

Chocolate Rain!!!

Chocolate Rain!!!

There was no more work to be done that day as -- one by one -- everybody in the office started circling around my computer like digitally starved vultures trying to figure out what the HELL I was watching and why I was singing "Chocolate Rain" over and over and over.

Within hours, the office was hooked. We would all be sitting quietly at our desks, typing away in zombie-like computer stupors as usual. Then, one person from the back of the office would suddenly sing out "Chocolate Rain". Like a tsunami, the wave would begin and everybody would stop what they were doing at the time and sing-SCREAM "Chocolate Rain". We would get weird looks from the boss, but there was no stopping this Chocolate Train.

Something about this song is more infectious than a rather nasty case of the Black Plague and NO amount of anti-biotics could cure you of the "Chocolate Rains".

Perhaps it is the repetitive nature of the lyrics that causes me to hum it constantly. Or maybe it is the deep James Earl Jones eats Rick Astley voice that bizarrely booms from this young man who looks like he could be anywhere between the ages of 12-22. Or just possibly, the power of this clip may be held within the surreal video that seems so odd and awkward -- yet so right. I believe all of these elements combined created something... yes... something... definitely... something.

Whatever it is. This song is genius. How? I have NO idea. Either you get it... or you don't. You may think it is a work of vocal and lyrical artistry... or a total piece of crap. Whatever you may think, it has the ability to make people stop and pay attention... if even for a brief moment during the work day. I am still an addict and smile whenever I listen to it.

Tay Rules!!!

The Making Of the Behind the Scenes of "Chocolate REIGN!!!" - Death Metal Parody of Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain"

During one of the many times I viewed Tay's video, I started reading the lyrics to the song. Though the song seems to have a bouncy upbeatness to it, the lyrics were almost BRUTAL and DARK.

Then it HIT ME. This song ABSOLUTELY needs a pure Death Metal version of it. Ofcourse. It is perfect. The deep voice... the lyrics filled with SIN and VEINS and MUMBAI. I had a calling... a burst of pure inspiration... to bring this song to a genre that Tay may have overlooked, but seems to have tapped with his raw repetitive creativeness.

So... my quest began. My destiny was to put together "Chocolate REIGN!". Here is how I did it:

  • Used the video of the original song with Tay singing. Just the video, all audio was stripped out.
  • Chopped up a few seconds of Slayer's "Raining Blood" (ooooh, for that Rain reference) and created the music loop for the background. I used a portion of the song for the intro as well.
  • Used my ZOOM GFX-707 guitar effects processor, plugged it into my computer and a microphone, and did my BEST Death Metal singing to date. Yes... all singing you here is ME!!! Booohahahahahaa... My wife thought I was crazy when I was recording this. Now that she watched the video, she REALLY thinks I'm crazy.
  • Found a copy of those creepy Oompah-Loompahs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (ooooh, for that Chocolate reference). Looping their silly little dances created great Chocolate Metal Minions of Doom. All of the Oompahs are actually played by one guy named (and I shit you not here) Deep Roy. Wouldn't it be rather ironic if Deep Roy was actually quite a shallow fellow with a small dick.
  • I created tons of background sound effects, modifying animal sounds, screams, and all kinds of good things to make them sound like the population of HELL!!!
  • Smashed it all together with a hammer, some nails, audio recording and manipulation programs, further audio clips, video programs, photoshop fun, and duct tape.
That's basically how I put the song and video together. Now THIS is what I'm talking about. Death Metal Tay is my hero. Let us all BOW and WORSHIP before the Altar of Zonday.
YouTube URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJMDqMx9PNM
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