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> Tangent #31: Cut To The Chase: Night Fright (1967)
And WELCOME to yet another movie created by yours truly: The Drooling Maniac. Watch out Stephen Spielberg. I'm comin' after your job next, buddy boy.

Cut To The Chase: Night Fright

Don't have time to watch bad horror movies. Check out "Cut To The Chase" -- spoofy bite-size bits of horrible movies for you to ingest.

This episode: Night Fright (1967)

A weird alien thing that looks like a dude in a monkey suit attacks a small town and keeps the kids from making out and having cool dance parties!!! Sheriff Crawford to the rescue.

The Making Of the Behind the Scenes of "Cut To The Chase: Night Fright"

It's quite simple really. I LOVE really bad horror and sci-fi movies. I mean LOOOOVE!!! I believe I now own well over 300-400 total crap movies (and still growing).

Now, some of the movies go WAY beyond just being bad. These certain special movies blatanly scream "SCREW IT" and do a double Greg Louganis belly flop right into a pool filled to the brim with CRAP!!!

These are the best kind of movies -- by far. But I KNOW that life is hectic. People just DO NOT have the time to sit back and enjoy a steaming pile of cinematic shyte anymore. It's sad really. One of the repurcussions of the ever-quickening whirlwind of media technolife.

So I have taken it upon MYSELF to bring tp the masses only the worst of the worst (which is the best), but cutting out all of the silly narrative and "plot" and getting right to the nitty-gritty. Add a bunch of my sarcastic comments and kick ass METAL tunes... stir... and there you go.

Watch and enjoy. If you know of any other totally horrible movies that you would like me to CliffNoterize... contact me.

YouTube URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KgMcykGgqA
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