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> Tangent #28: The HeFarted - Deleted Fart Scene from The Departed
Ladies and Gentleman. Come one, come all... and welcome to the VERY FIRST Drooling Maniac's Stupid Video Complete Waste of Time Fun Moving Pictures Type Of Thing. Enjoy the sheer stupidity of it.

The HeFarted - Deleted Fart Scene from The Departed

What would happen if Martin Scorsese LOST HIS MIND and decided to make a movie based off of massive amounts of flatulence in Boston. He would make "The HeFarted".

This is what it would have looked like.

Watch and enjoy (and hold your breath... it's a stinker).

The Making Of the Behind the Scenes of "The HeFarted"

When I finally finished making this (my very first attempt at a Drooling Maniac's Stupid Video), I showed it around to a few people to get some feedback. The responses were typically the same:
  • Why did you waste your time making a FART parody?
  • Damn, that was really stupid. Don't you have anything better to do? Maybe teach yourself to read or look into possibly bathing once in a while.
  • What the hell is wrong with you?
I made it because DAMN IT -- no matter how old I may be -- FART JOKES ARE FUNNY!!! I grew up in a rather flatulent family (c'mon... pull Grandma's finger... just do it) and wish to spread the sheer joy and excitement of Breaking Wind to the my OWN children one day.

Heck, through the magic of the Internet, I now have the ability to spread it to the children of the entire WORLD...

...and this makes my little Maniac heart sob with blissful exhiliration.

The idea for this stupid video all started when I saw the first commercial for Martin Scorsese's film "The Departed". I couldn't help but blurt out:

"What was that... did they say HeFarted... hahaha... HeFarted... get it... Farted..."

And much to the annoyance of my wife, whenever the commercial would come on for the umpteen-billionth time... I would go RIGHT into the whole tadoo all over again...

"What was that... did they say HeFarted... hahaha... HeFarted... that's funny."

That's all well and good and I would have just dropped it but then... (dramatic pause)... I actually SAW the movie.

Excellent movie by the way*. Definitely worth watching. Scorsese shoots and Scores.

While watching it, I noticed a strange scene starting to play out about halfway through the movie. Leo's character is talking to "Marky Mark Good Viiibraationzz" Wahlberg and Emilio Estevez's Dad and the conversation just seemed... uh... weird. Leo looks like he is physically in pain while the other two gents just stare at him like he's a freak. Then, during the middle of the conversation, "Marky Mark Good Viiibraationzz" just blurts out "Yeah that might stick".

What the who the huh??? That was rather random.

Once I saw this scene, I KNEW what I had to do. Through the clever trickery of video editing and sound effects, I HAD to make Leo have an extremely bad case of the Super Farts. It... it was destiny.

If you enjoy this, please send the link on and let Leo's vibrating butt cheeks bring us all together in peace, unity, and a cloud of rancid ass air.

* Jack Nicholson says the GREATEST line I've heard yet in a movie. When he shoots a girl in the head and her body spills to the ground, he just looks at her laying there and says:"She fell funny." I believe that was a little improv on Jack's part. Best line in a movie EVER!!! BRILLIANT!!!
YouTube URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D6lz4118hs
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