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> Tangent #26: Ahnold is HUGE in Japan -- LITERALLY
I believe that I may well have stumbled upon the most unsettling and just plain CRAZY commercials ever to be shot into the atmosphere to finally be reassembled on that little tube-of-apathy that we call the T.V.

I don't remember HOW I came across them... WHAT I was doing at the time... or WHY I was wearing a pink tutu (kidding... just kidding... it was green). All I know, is that I was mortified. Then I laughed until I started snorting like a dying warthog with nasal problems suffering from a really annoying cold.

It seems that Ahnold the Gubnor of Caleeefoynyaaaargh had starred in a bunch of ads in Japan in the '80s. These ads are completely INSANE!!!

Mind you, the Japanese style of television has a tendency of looking a little... how do you say... FUCKING CRAZY to us Westerners (or at least to me -- and that's crazy in a highly-amusing good way), but the CRAZY mixed with Ahnold ends up being Supah-Crazzeee. I felt like my mind had been pummeled with his mighty biceps as I attempted to lapse into a self-induced coma to get away from his giant gap-toothed head while he is screaming something like "Yaaiiii Showww Booey BOOEY!!!"

I had force everybody at work to watch them. All production had stopped as everybody slowly started gravitating over to my computer as I heard them say things like: "What the hell is THAT!!!", "Oh my GOD, is that Arnold", and "I think I shit my pants" (the last one not being a comment about the commercials, merely a statement of someone's slightly annoying lack of bowel control during the working hours).

Check them out for yourself and you can see what I mean. It's not a TUMAAH... It's Ahnold. And HE'LL BE BACK again and again and again in your nightmares.

NOTE: Unfortunately all of the YouTube Videos that I had added to this page were no longer worker and had been taken down (making it rather annoying for me). Since I am lazy and do not wish to continually go through the hundreds of videos that I had on this site to make sure that they are still working, I just said screw it and took off all the super cool videos that I added.


This means you have to go to YouTube and look it up yourself. I'm sure there are others out there. You can do it. I believe in you.