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> Tangent #25: Comic Book Ad #1 - Andy Gibb's Super-Sexy Pose
I love Comic Books. I am not talking about the new fangled Comic Books that are all SUPER-WOW graphic and HOLY-CRAP-MY-EYES-ARE-BLEEDING from the awesome in your face pretty colors that graphic novels have become. If you read comics at all, then you know what I am talking about. A typical comic book hero now-a-days has muscles on muscles on muscles, carries about 500 weapons on his back, and has a tendency of RIPPING people's heads off in with his teeth because he is having an off day (which is actually COOL AS HELL AS WELL!!!)

No matter how much I admire the artistry, talent, and skillful working of comics today, my heart will always stay with the Super Cheesy Pulp Horror Comics that were made in the 1970's. There is just something wonderful about their over-the-top writing and bizarre storylines that makes the little kid in me wonder what the hell he is doing in me and how he got there in the first place.

Some awesomely pulpy horror comic series I have in my little pulpy collection are:

  • Secrets of Haunted House series: DC Comics circa 1981
  • The Monsters Are Coming - BEWARE: Marvel Comics circa 1973
  • Ghostly Tales series: Charlton Comics Group circa 1981
  • Ghosts series: DC Comics circa 1974
  • Crypt Of Shadow: Marvel Comics circa 1974.
  • Vault Of Evil: Marvel Comics circa 1972
  • The House Of Mystery series: DC circa 1972
  • Creepy Things series: Modern Comics circa 1978
  • Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion series: DC circa 1972
  • Midnight Tales series: Charlton Comics circa 1975
  • Monster Hunters series: Charlton Comics circa 1976
  • Unexpected series: DC circa 1973
  • And so many more....
My FAVORITE part about sifting through my old comics HAS to be the absolute HORROR that I feel when I come across the ADS stuffed onto almost every page. These are actually scarier than ANY of the stories printed on any of the pulpy pages.

Case in point, please refer to the picture above that was found in "Baron Weirwulf's Haunted Library" Volume 9, No. 42, June, 1979. This... is probably the most dread inspiring thing that I have ever seen. Andy Gibb's "naturally rosy skin tones and golden hair" mixed with his "super-sexy pose" against the "sensuous blue background" almost made me want to regress back to a fetal state and abort myself.

So now -- I know what I must do. I have given myself the task of finding all of the most godawfool and disturbing 1970's Comic Book Ads and forcing you (dear reader) to be scarred for life much like I have been.

Moral of the Story: Misery loves company... and Andy Gibb is SUPER-SEXY!!!