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> Tangent #22: Dirty Dentist Says 'Now Open Up And Say Ahhhhh'
What you see to the left is an actual picture of the WORLD'S WORST DENTAL LOGO EVER!!! This is the absolute truth here. I am NOT making this up.

Every day that I get my lazy ass out of bed and drive to work, I cruise past a giant horrible brown sign for a dental office with THIS HUGE LOGO on it. The first time I saw this, I almost spilled my coffee all over my lap because I was laughing so hard.

Who the HELL came up with THIS concept? There had to be somebody running the show that said, "Hey, you know this logo you designed really captures the quality care and family feel that we want to communicate with the people of the community."

Now, If I was in that same meeting, reviewing the logo concept, I may just chime in with:

"HOLY CRAP... are you totally INSANE!!! This isn't FAMILY oriented. For GOD'S SAKE, it looks like the 'happy' dentist is physically molesting a naked man after giving him laughing gas. I've heard rumors of occurences like this happening before in the dental field, but this thought is definitely not something you want to instill in someone's mind just before they are about to be put under to get a tooth extracted. If they wake up with their clothes ripped off like THIS dude, then there is going to be some suing going on and Dental Licenses being revoked."

"THIS is NOT good. No sir. Not at all. The dentist is CLEARLY having SEX with this person while grabbing the patient's head in a most brutal manner. I mean... c'mon. There isn't even a chair there. The... the dude is just straddling him... I mean... what are you THINKING!!! Get OUT!!! NEVER EVER EVER design a logo AGAIN!!!"

The moral of the story: You better watch out when a dentist tells you to "Open up and say 'Ahhhhh'".