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> Tangent #19: Teleporter Accident #1 - Melangutan
I started thinking to myself one day... what would it be like if a drunken Mel Gibson just by chance wrecked his car into the side of a super-secret scientific research center where the world's first reliable teleportation device was being tested. AND... just by chance again, he stumbled right INTO the teleporter where a happy little orangutan was about ready to be whisked away (just like the movie The Fly). What would it look like when all of their molecules finally recombined to form one hideous beast. I wonder... I wonder...
Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you... the Melangutan.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Quick, someone give him a banana and let's all pray to God that he doesn't hurt us with his amazing ManMonkey strength or more importantly make another movie ever ever ever again.