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> Tangent #9: Ho Ho Holy Crap That's Scary
Humor, Horror, and Heavy Metal: Santa Claus is Coming... In My Bed
This is an actual picture of the World's Most Disturbing Christmas Wrapping Paper. Over the Christmas Holiday, I went over my parents house as usual to do the whole hoorah for consumerism. After opening a multitude of goodies, I suddenly came across a gift tucked ever so neatly under the tree wrapped in THIS wrapping paper.

I have NO idea where they got this, but it FREAKS ME OUT!!! Because the registration was off when the paper was printed (mixed with the fact that it is just plain fucking creepy looking at an old gentleman who seems to be about ready to molest an innocent sleeping child), I just get a dirty dirty feeling from this. I think... I think I need to take a shower now.

The really funny thing is that my Dad wrapped the present and didn't think ANYTHING about it. Just normal wrapping paper to him. I think he probably got it on sale (go figure). Yikes....

I seriously do not know which would be more disturbing: waking up to find THIS jolly jacker touching on you while your slumbering or waking up to find the Burger King guy playfully mussing your hair while you were sleeping off a helluva hangover (see the World's Most Disturbing Commercial below).