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> Tangent #6: The Molson Twins
We have not had a really cool pair of Siamese Twins in a long time. I think the last really bitchin' twins were that Ching and Chang (or whatever the heck their names were). It's time to change that. This is a GREAT idea for any party. Here's the plan.
  1. Invite the Olson Twins over. Just tell them that this is for rehab or that there is whole buttload of MORE money for them there. Whatever... be creative. Just get them there.
  2. Once they get there. Super Glue their midriffs together. I hear that Gorilla Glue may work on Olson Twins as well.
  3. Get them both REALLY drunk. Like, oh My God, I am seeing two (haha) of everything drunk.
  4. Get out one of those Sit 'n Spins that have been collecting dust in the basement and spiiiiiiiiiiiin and spiiiiiiiiiin them.
  5. Betting starts NOW!!!
  6. The first Twin to projectile vomit on the crowd loses.
Once done, remove Twins from Sit 'n Spin. They fit nicely in the closet and need fed only once a day. They are also much funner than Sea Monkeys and can amuse any company that may come over to visit.