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> Tangent #5: Optimus Prime Rib
Dude 1: Hey, did you know my car is a Transformer?

Dude 2: No, really.

Dude 1: Yeah, it transformed from a new car to a piece of shit when I drove it off the lot?

Dude 2: Oh. Uh. Well, did you know that your wife is a Transformer?

Dude 1: What?

Dude 2: Yeah, she transformed from your wife to my slutty whore last night....ack...

(BaM, smACk, bAsh, BOOM)

- Welcome to the News at 5. Latest in. Idiot beats his friend to death over a misunderstanding that his friend was indeed merely playing off the same stupid-ass joke made by him and did not in fact REALLY sleep with his wife. He has been sentenced to death and will be cut down in the Optimus Prime of his life.