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> Tangent #3: A Tip About Qs
Ever since 1923, when Leo Gerstenzang (try saying that five times) was the first to conceive the idea of making a handy ready-to-use stick it straight in your ear cottonswab, we have been blessed with the Q-tip.

But looking at the Q-tip...I see no Q. Where the hell is the Q? Says right there in the name that its on the tip. Let me check again. No...still no Q. An "I" maybe. Definitely looks more like an "I", but maybe they thought people would be confused and start jamming cottonswabs straight into their corneas and suing for false advertising if they were called "I-tips".

Q-bert looks like a Q (well, sorta).

Why the hell doesn't a "Q-tip"? If we have the technology to make Michael Jackson a bionic nose, we sure in the hell can genetically engineer a cute little curly-Q tail on the swabs to rectify this sad situation.

Quite a questionable quandary.