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> Tangent #2: Heart Burn!!!
Here's a thought...Heartburn. Yes, that rather nasty feeling you get. A burning discomfort behind the lower part of the sternum usually related to spasm of the lower end of the esophagus or of the upper part of the stomach (so sayeth the great Merriam of Websters).

Hmmm. No sir. I see NOTHING concerning the Heart here. Nope. Could have been StomachBurn or LowerPartOfTheSternumBurn, but surely not HeartBurn. I would think that if your heart was burning, you either are having a rightly bad time with being a narcoleptic smoker (and accidently dowsing yourself in gasoline just for giggles) or having the BAD luck of hanging out with a Thuggees party (confusing it with a Druggy's party) and having Mola Ram rip your beating heart from your chest, watching it as it burst into flames, then lighting girls cigarettes with a Fonz-like "Ayeeeeee" (we all know how much Mola likes the ladies ((Ram Ram)).*

Just wanted to bring this up before someone says, "Oooh, I have a splitting EarBurn" when they actually mean they have a nasty case of the CornShits.

For that matter, what about the Indian Burn....oh, wait...forgot. Torched villages, annihilation of a native people...eek...not going there....nevermind.

Thats it for now. Have to go. I think I am coming down with a bad case of the GeorgeBurns (have a strange urge to smoke a cigar, sing a song, then die).

* God Bless You Indiana Jones