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> Tangent #1: E-Misery
So there is this thing called E-Harmony. You know you have seen it advertised on t.v. (if not - WATCH MORE T.V. so I don't have to explain these things). People talking about how they met each other online via answering a series of questions, churning them through a database, and POOF… there is the perfect person for you. Your one true love, all through the magic of computers.

Well, it is time for the TRUTH. Yes, welcome to "E-Misery". Come on back to see the happy people a few years after being married together. Sure enough the "E-Romance" is gone from the "E-Relationship". Especially after the "E-Husband" is begging for some "E-Sex" but the "E-Wife" has a giant "E-Headache" and doesn't want to be "E-Touched" anymore unless she is in the "E-Mood" which basically is "E-Never" and the "E-Husband" gets very "E-Moody" because the only "E-Action" he can get anymore is locking himself away with his computer and downloading "E-Porn" so he can at least pretend that he is.....

God help them when the "E-Wife" gains 110 pounds after popping out 4 screaming "E-Kids", there's a huge "E-Mortgage" on the house, and the "E-Bills" are piling up along with the constant "E-nagging".

Yeah, remember to keep your receipt from E-Harmony.