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OH NO!!!! It is time for the "Real World" (and we are not talking that bad MTV reality show here folks). I had finally graduated, but now had to get a job and start a career with possibilities of having to become a responsible human being (sadness of sadness).

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Luckily, I graduated right after 9/11, so that meant... wait for it... NO JOBS. The market for Graphic Design in the area plummeted after the repercussions of 9/11 were felt. People were getting laid off right and left, companies were closing because there was no business coming in. Joy. So... I decided to cry.

It took me months, but I finally found a job at a Multimedia company, making mostly 3D models of buildings and some web sites. It was fun, but slowly the small company got smaller and smaller and smaller. Finally, one day the ONLY person left was ME and the two guys that owned the company (they were brothers*).

We even moved the offices into one of the guy's basement (which he had renovated). It sucked. They guys were quiet, kept to themselves, and I had noone to talk to (almost went INSANE). So I just emailed people ALL day and listened to Howard Stern because I had nothing betther to do. Soon... all the clients seems to fade away... and the company closed shop. Time for unemployment.

I eventually got another job as a Multimedia Developer (making web sites, interactive CD, etc.) and have been BUSY AS HELL. I found out that the word Salary means you must work... work... work... work... work... turning... into... a... zombie...

So I decided that I MUST MAKE THE DROOLING MANIAC WEBSITE TO SAVE MY SOUL!!! All work and no play makes Maniac a dull boy (please read with an axe in one hand while doing a Jack Nicholson impersonation).

* Not African Americans, in case you get confused here. They were actually brothers who started the company together. One was a designer and the other was a video guy (who had actually moved to California when he was young to try to make it as a comedy writer - he met with Larry David and all that - didn't work out I guess - not easy to get IN unless you suck a dick or whatnot ).