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> History #50: "The Elevator"
Humor, Horror, and Heavy Metal: English Class – The Elevator. Writing Fun. People trapped on an elevator freaking out. Woohoo.
This is yet another story I had written for one of my English classes. I really don't know why I kept all of these papers and reports tucked away into the recesses of my time closet (my happy Narnia Land of Old Crap that I thought I would never look at again, but had to keep because I have a bad dose of PackRatItus), but I DID. And now, through the power of technology, I can post them for all to read. Aren't you a lucky bean?

This one is about people getting trapped on an elevator and FREAKING OUT. I notice that my writing in this paper had started becoming a wee bit more dramatic and chock-full-o-adjectives. I was reading a LOT of horror novels at the time. Lots of adjectives in horror novels. Horrible adjectives. Scary adjectives. Oodles of adjectives.

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