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> History #48: Teddy Ruxpin From Hell™
Humor, Horror, and Heavy Metal: Teddy Ruxpin from HELL!!! Hello boys and girls, DIE!!! I would like to tell you a nice story about 2 little children that were attacked by the Manson cult. Hehehe.
Here is another slightly disturbing (yet funny) Humor From Hell cartoon I made. I was absolutely poking fun at Teddy Ruxpin. If you do not know what a Teddy Ruxpin is, imagine a cute animatronic bear made for children: this bear is special, this bear actually talks to you. Through the miracle of technology, you could put a Cassette Tape (remember those) in his back and he would begin telling a story. The creepy thing about it: his mouth moved in time with the hollow-sugary words that came out of his soulless body. He had this REALLY Moony, soft, emotionless, serial-killer like voice, and he seemed to always be LOOKING AT YOU.

So, really, there wasn't much to making the cartoon. I barely had to change anything. I think Teddy Ruxpin might not come with a bloody knife (you have to buy this seperately – or he may just find one in your kitchen while you sleep), but I am fairly certain if Teddy could actually speak for himself, this is the story he would tell.