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> History #47: Atheist Aquatic Elf Smoking
This in one of the "Humor from HELL!!!" comics that I used to draw in Highschool. Basically, it is humor created from:
  • 1 Tablespoon of typical teenage angst
  • 1 Cup of disdain for authority
  • Whip in a pat o' Metal mentality (yaaaaaa)
  • Top with just a sprinkling of off-the-wall wackiness

Mix this concoction together (hehe, I said con-COCK-tion) and — BOOM— there you have it. A parody of my one of my religion teachers who was just a bit on the sappy side.

Humor, Horror, and Heavy Metal: Atheist Aquatic Elf Smoking In Mr. Burek's Class. A Humor From Hell cartoon for your viewing pleasure.