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> 1987-1991: HEAVY METAL HIGHSCHOOL: Index
Grow out your hair, put on your favorite Pushead shirt, and get ready to ROCK... 'cause it is time for HEAVY METAL HIGHSCHOOL BABY!!! I had gone to a Catholic Highschool (go figure), but turned into a Quiet Hellion Of Metal*. I even started my own almost band "Flaming Vomit". I also began doodling demons and dudes in deathlike demises on everything I could get my hands on. Cool.

So if you are ready to PARTY... click on the links below.

History #: 40-49  50-59  60-69  70
* Quiet Hellion Of Metal: This means that though I was all into Bad-Ass Metal, I was also a bit shy and girls still got me so nervous that I almost puked when I talked to them. Sooo, though I was Metal, I was also Super Geek. I guess that makes me: METAL GEEK!!! RaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! (Barbarian Roar)