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> 1978-1987: GRADE SKOOL: Index
Below are links to all the good stuff I have from Kindergarten* all the way through Middle School (Kindergarten-8th grade). During this most important time in life, I had gone to a Catholic School, where I was beaten by a senile nun**, traumatized by scary intimidating priests (hell-fire and damnation), and force-fed religion*** with my milk and cookies (which explains some of the many reason why I am so fucked up - AMEN).

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See the amazing transition from being a normal child and turning slowly into a total psycho. Enjoy such wonders as: Mystery Solving Stupity, Alien Abductions, Going Commando over War Stuff, Dragons In My Happy Fantasy World, and other Sick-Twisted-Messed Up things from my little mind.

* Did you know that "Kindergarten" literally means "Children's Garden" in German. Creepy shit. I just can't help thinking of little children being planted in the ground and watering their heads while they scream for help. Leave it to the Germans to come up with such a disturbing concept (I should know, I am of German descent through and through.)

** More to come on this wacky nun... soon. Just like a scene out of the Blues Brothers Movie with the floating nun with the RULER FROM HELL. I shyte you not. It really happens.

*** I am now a devout follower of Droolism - believing my own thing about God without the trappings of any religion.