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One day, while I was working at my crappy job during the "Lost Years", something struck me like a two ton pile of shit: I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING WITH MY LIFE (or work crap jobs forever and ever and ever and ever).

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I was at the crossroads and a life choice HAD to be made. I decided to go back to school. So... getting all of my money together, I enrolled myself in the local University and took on a Graphic Design Major with a Computer Imaging Minor. Not suprising since I was always drawing and loved computers more than people.

I didn't have much cash, but I worked my ASS off to get scholarships and anything that could help. I also worked 2-3 other jobs while taking on a full roster of classes. I was barely getting ANY sleep at all, but it was the best time of my life. I also met my wife about a year into my studies. Ofcourse, she wasn't my wife at the time. That just wouldn't make sense, now... would it.

Above, you can find oodles of links for stories, drawings, doodles, and more created during this time in my life. I really didn't add any "Normal" Graphic Design projects (which I have quite a collection of) because it would probably just bore the crap out of you. So I just added the weird and the wacky. Enjoy.