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> "Your Gut Gets Larger..."
Full Quote: "Your Gut Gets Larger While Your Dreams Get Smaller."
What Does This Mean
I came up with this little gem in the lunchroom at work. I had just finished eating a massive amount of fast food and found myself slipping into the typical "after-lunch ate too much crap food screw it all coma". As I glanced down at my bloated gut that was threatening to cascade over my belt and puddle all over the floor around my feet, the saying struck me.

Basically, I figured out that there is a direct inverse correlation between the size of your gut and the size of your dreams. As your waistband GROWS all the big dreams you had in your youth SHRINK.

In simpler terms, ya get old, fat, and bitter with time.

When To Use It
Whenever you feel fat, bloated, and you just don't give a shit no more.