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> You Goat Girl
Pronunciation: ewe go-tuh grrrrl
Function: Noun
1: I am personally sick and tired of the same-old same-old when it comes to urban slang. Sure "You Go Girl" was fun and exciting for a bit, but this thrill quickly faded away when EVERYBODY (after watching ANYTHING on the old WB Network) started annoyingly screaming this Urbanic Utterance over and over again. If I see one more waving finger in my face, I'm going to break it off and force feed it to the unfortunate usurper of English grammar.

Amusing at first, this saying got OLD quicker than the "Wazzzzzzzzzzzzuppppppp" Budweiser greeting (uh... which I actually STILL use to this day... just CAN'T get it out of my HEAD!!!)

To battle the boredom of eubonics, I quickly came up with an alternate version that would keep people on their toes. Why say "You Go Girl" when you can say "You Goat Girl" instead.

Watch the confusion and befuddlement on their faces after dropping the Goat bomb down on them. BOOM!!! What's that? Mmmmhmm, you know it. You've been served Goat Style.

Mind you, this has nothing to do with the term Absolutely Goat Cheese, which I had created some time back. Interesting, perhaps I have some strange Goat obsession in my new wordages. Fascinating yet frightening all at the same time (much like politics).

Try it... once you use it, you'll never go back to the blah and boring comment concerning girls and their going ways.

Proper Usage:
"Ahhh hellllll noooo. Look at you. Damn. The way your eatin' that tin can and pooping all over the place. Shiiiish. Workin' that four-chambered stomach like a ho and all staring at me with yo' slit-shaped pupil eye thang going on. I can def-nit-ly tell you're horney skank biyatch. Two Horn-ey if you ask. No you did'n. What-what. You Goat Girl!!! MmmmmHmmmmmmm."