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Full Quote: "Why Go Corporate When You Can Go Circus?"
What Does This Mean
I came up with this one when I was talking about the total negatives of being all Corporate. Basically, it was the argument between becoming the pretty, pressed, and polished Corporate type of persona versus the freedom of being tattooed, tattered, and ill-tempered.

Another version which may make more sense is:

"Why Go Corporate Sheik When You Can Go Circus Freak?"

I found that this is often quite a struggle for some people in the multimedia or graphic design field (like myself and others I work with). I am SURE this holds true in almost every job or career out there that creative individuals are employed in.

There is an ultimate clash between two vastly different ways of life that pull you in different directions.

There is the personal want and desire to be creative, free, artistic, and having the ability to express yourself in whatever manner you see fit. Be it be covered in tattoos, puckered with piercings, coloring your hair bright freakin' blue, or just acting like a weird freak because DAMN IT that's just what you are.

Then there is the other side of the story where you have to get all dressed up nice and purty-like to go to the office or off to meetings. Forced to act all polite and professional: get the teeth-glinting, hand-shaking, bull-shit spewing, taking it up the wazoo while clients are screaming and you have to smile-smile-smile.

Some people live to be sheik, some live to be freak, and many are torn between. Sometimes by choice. Most times by survival.

When To Use It
Spew this lil quote out whenever you want to show off the freak in ya.