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> Whoremonger
Pronunciation: 'hor 'm&[ng]-g&r
Function: Noun
1: This is an actual word. I... I really don't have anything funny to say about it. Just... it's an actual word. How can you go wrong with one who Monges Whore? It's just fun to say.

Lets all say it together now. "Whoremonger". "Whoremonger". Now wasn't that just a hoot. Sounds so... so... Mongery.

I think I am going to name my next cat Whoremonger. Right up there in cuteness with names like Fluffy, Mr. Purry Pants, and Deathgobbler. Also might make a good company name. I can imagine picking up some Whoremonger's Pitted Peaches or Whoremonger's Apple Pie Crust Mix at the local grocery store.
Proper Usage:
"When I grow up, I want to be a Whoremonger."

"I am Krakus Draken Gargantuthon the Great Whoremonger of the Ancient East. Bow before my most ferocious Whoremongering might or fall before the Whorey Hoard of Mongrel Mongering Madness" (Ooooh, doesn't that sound bad ass. A Heavy Metal song in the making.)