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> Void The Bowels Of Hell
Pronunciation: Voyeed theh bough-ils ohf Hel
Function: MegaDump
1: A rather fun way of saying "An incredibly painful bowel movement" or in layman's terms "A shit that feels like it is going to tear your asshole off and turn your intestines into shredded wheat!".

Proper Usage:
[ Dude 1 talking to Dude 2 ]
Man, Dude 2. I just ate an entire plate of SuperHolyCrapTheirHot Chicken Wings.
Wow, Dude 1. You are quite the stud. Man, you are gonna PAY for that soon!
Uh-Oh... Owwww... Owwwww... (clutches stomach). Oh shit... gah.. Man, I have to go Void The Bowels Of Hell. Ohooo. Like NOW!!!

[ Dude 1 races off to the bathroom. A great EXPLOSION is heard and Dude 1 is never seen again. ]