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> Tyrannosaurus Bitch
Pronunciation: Tie-ranno-SoreUs bee-ITCH
Function: Noun
1: A malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman that is such a HUGE BITCH that she has literally mutated into a giant, hideous, and massive-jawed DinoBitch. The Tyrannosaurus Bitch has a temper most hideously foul by nature and has wee teeny-tiny-itty-bitty arms that she flaps around like limp noodles whilst attempting to crush your self-esteem and then eating your head when you try to run away like... uh... well... like a little bitch.

These soul-gobbling bitches make the Jurassic Park dinosaurs look like cuddly little puppies in demeanor. They even make Godzilla crap his drawers and go running for the hills when they start their high-pitched wailing.

Tyrannosaurus Bitches are always alone and never travel in groups since they kill EVERYTHING within earshot of their bitching.

Leona Helmsley, the New York billionaire known as the "Queen of Mean", is a perfect example of someone who was a Tyrannosaurus Bitch. She was also old and nasty looking, making her a Jurassic Bitch. Unfortunately, she passed away on August 20, 2007, thus making her a Dead Bitch.
Proper Usage:
"Let me tell you something buddy, this weekend sucked ass. During the ENTIRE weekend, my girlfriend was screaming at me JUST because I accidentally slept with her mother after getting drunk during her Grandma's birthday party. I said I was sorry. My bad. But noooooo. She had to hold a bit of a grudge against me. She was throwing shit at my head and calling me EVERY name in the book. Sheesh, when did she turn into such a Tyrannosaurus Bitch. She said she was hoping I would get along with her Mother better anyway. I guess she's NEVER happy. Whatever, I give up."