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> "They May Be Strangers In Love..."
Full Quote: "They May Be Stranges In Love, But We Are Lovers Who Are Strange."
What Does This Mean
I made this up while my wife and I were watching one of those "So You Think You May Possibly Be Able To Kinda Just Maybe Sorta Move Like You Can Dance" shows. A couple just finished a wonderfully choreographed routine that involved a lot of touching, emotion, more touching, tears, drama, and more touching.

The judges of the show were talking manicly about the dance, saying how it was the most beautiful thing that has ever been choreographed and conceived by a human being ever, EVER, EVER!!!! "This... dance... is about strangers in love...", pronounced one of the judges as he beckoned to the couple to bask in the adoration they were bestowing them from on high.

My immediate response to my wife was, "They May Be Stranges In Love, But We Are Lovers Who Are Strange."

Then I laughed my ass off as she shook her head asking where I come up with the stuff. Which made me laugh more. Which made her want to send me to the basement to play on the computer so she could watch t.v. in peace and quiet.

A more proper saying could not be created. My wife and I have been together for well over a decade now. We started off strangers in love. Then TURNED into lovers that were strange (I'm strange, she's strange, we're strange together). Aren't we ALL STRANGE in one way or another. I think so. Some people just mask it much better than other. Then ofcourse there are those such as myself that revel in the strangeness of it all.

So what should be the moral to all of this... no matter how you look at it, "love" and "strangeness" are somehow cosmically attached to dance forever together, it just depends who is leading at the time.

When To Use It
While watching anything that may possibly utter the words "they are strangers in love". I'm sure there are tons of cheesy chick flicks out that have it embedded in their trailers.