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> No Shit Sherlock
Pronunciation: 'nO 'shit 'sh&r-"lšk
Function: Saying or Harsh Truth?
1: Though most people use this saying to mock a stupid person who is attempting to be smart (but coming across as a complete retard instead), the horrible truth is, this "saying" is actually based on the horrible long forgotten condition that Sherlock Holmes had indeed been afflicted with. Though this was never given out to the public, this Master Detective was born without an anus, thereby denying him the right that every human has of taking a nice good dump after getting home from a hard days work.

"No Shit Sherlock" was actually a cruel nickname that was given to him by the local bully while he was in grade school. The only reason his classmates knew anything about his condition is because he had a tendency of vomiting his own backed up feces all over the students that sat in front of him.

After awhile, he did discover that blowing small chunks of his poo into a small receptacle resembling a pipe over long periods of time alleviated the bouts of embarrassing Shit Barf (and he looked mighty cool as well).

At times, he would get a bit constipated and would need deep vibrations to loosen the stool from his back throat. Utilizing the oscillations that come from the playing of a stringed instrument set against his throat (just below his chin), he would break apart any hardening chunks of Chunder Poo.

Believe it or NOT!!!
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