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> Mariah ButtHairy
Pronunciation: Ma-rye-uh Buhthare-eeeee
Function: Proper Name
1: This is the name that my sister and I have been calling Mariah Carey for years. I don't know what it is about Mariah, but I HATE HER with a deep Cthulhian bottomless pit of doom type of passion.

Her songs are allright -- not my cup of tea, coffee, or meat slurpy -- but allright. She is decently attractive, what were her large boobs and all.

There's just something about her that bugs the living crap out of me whenever I see one of her annoying videos or am forced to listen to her sing (DAMN YOU American Idol!!!). I think it is the diva "I'm so wonderful - look at me" attitude mixed with annoying high-pitch shrill trills that can kill bats from 45 miles away. Her voice has even been known to cause the deaf to say "DAMN, what the hell was that. My ears are freakin' bleeding now, AND I CAN'T EVEN HEAR!!!" Ofcourse, when they actually say it, it sounds more like "Dahhh Maahhheearzz BLUHHH nahhhi KAHHHnuhhhhh RRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!".

Doesn't matter WHAT it is, still fun to call her Mariah ButtHairy every time I see her. I mean EVERY time. My wife thinks it is fairly odd, but DAMN IT, this is something I must do. Try it yourself. It feels REAL GOOD.

Say it three times and she just may explode: Mariah ButtHairy, Mariah ButtHairy, Mariah ButtHairy