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> Make-Up Sex
Pronunciation: May Kup Sehx
Function: Getting Nasty
1: "Make Up Sex" is the act of lustful and passionate copulation after a having been embroiled in a emotionally heated fight, quarrel, conflict, or brawl.

This is nothing new. It probably began when the first CaveMan and CaveWoman started grunting and throwing things at each other because she was making leftover Mammoth Butt AGAIN and she feels SOOOO unappreciated even though he works all day at the office with the stress of meetings and looming deadlines but DAMMIT keeping the cave clean and washing the skid marks out of the animal skin underwear is JUST as much work and WHERE has the love gone, the love like it use to be in the beginning before the two CaveKids, the CaveDog, and a hefty 30 year CaveMortgage... and then the CaveCouple end up knockin' boots as soon as the rock throwing is over.

Yup, seen that a million times in bad romantic movies as well. Big Fight -- Couple Choking Each Other -- Lips Almost Touch -- Sudden Pause -- Eyes Lock On Each Other -- Dramatic Music Swells -- His Pants Swell -- and the fight turns into a free-for-all naked twister all night affair.

But I digress.

"Make-Up Sex" is a much different thing by far.

By merely adding that little hyphen, you now have stumbled across someone who loves having sex with Cosmetic products that are typically used to enhance and beautify the user.

This particular type of sicko has a twisted fetish for:
  • Lovin' on tubes of Lipstick
  • Makin' out with Mascara
  • Gettin' freaky with Foundation
  • Ooglin' erogenous zones with Eye Shadow and Eye Liner
  • Gettin' rough with Rouge and watchin' the Blush blush
  • Nailin' the Nail Polish
  • Gettin' kinky with the Concealer
So the next time someone tells you that they had some great "Make-Up Sex" last night, make SURE that you know just WHAT they are talking about. You may well be talking to a GIANT PERVERTED COSMETICS COPULATOR.