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> Humorror
Pronunciation: Hugh More-Oar
Function: Proper Noun
1: Humorror is a stupid little word that I made up that means anything scary but funny. Well, I THOUGHT I was being original, until I went to Google the word just for a hoot and saw other instances out there. DAMN!!! Oh well. I never heard of it before, so I'll say its MINE anyways and just pretend that I'm being all clever.

Things can be labelled as Humorrorible (WAIT - that word has been created yet - woohoo I WIN):

  • Clowns that make balloon animals that look a little TOO much like genitalia.
  • An Undead Tap Dancing Troop wearing stupid hats.
  • Rabid Demon Turtles from HELL - RUN RUN RUN... wait.. guess we don't have to run. Uh. Just kick them or... uh put them in this shoe box or something.
  • Sanjaya from American Idol.
  • The Elephant Man on Open Mike Night at The Comedy Shack.
  • Farting Nazis - "Hoooooogan" PHHHHFFFFHHHPPTTTT!!!
  • Watching Female Body Building competitions (some of those chicks have arms thicker than my beer gut - DAMN!!!!)
  • Killer Monkeys (see the Stephen King flick "Monkey Shines" circa 1988) Oh, look at the cute widdle monkey -- oh SHITTTT AAHHHH!!! STOP STABBING ME MONKEY!!! AHHHH!!!! BAD MONKEY -- BAD MONKEY!!!
  • Politics - ALL of it
  • Mad Cow Disease - Scary as hell, but it just SOUNDS funny. Grrrrr -- I'm a mad cow... ooooh watch out or I might just squirt milk all over you in a fit of bovine rage. Maybe I'll stand beside you and chew my hay REALLY loudly until your annoyed and then crap on your shoe. MoooHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!
  • That damn plaque with a Kitty clinging on for dear life that says "Just hang in there"
  • Paris Hilton doing anything that doesn't involve her wearing knee pads.
Proper Usage:
KURTZ: "The Humorror.... The Humorror..."
    - From "Apocalypse Now" (1979)
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