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> Horrorible
Pronunciation: Whore-Oar 'ib-Bull
Function: Adjective
1: Horrorible stands for the Worst of the Worst of the Worst Horror Movies or any other Horror Media (songs, books, design, napkins, ice sculptures, colored eggs, macaroni art, and so on and so on and so on and so on).

We are talking truly bottom of the trash heap here. Like, the slime that's left on your butt after taking a giant dump kind of bad. Worse than... uh... that fowl smell coming from the second floor closet where you accidently locked kitty in there and didn't find her for 2 months.

This is Horror so bad that you get Herpes from even SPEAKING about it. Starving children wouldn't even EAT this pile of filth if it suddenly turned into a tasty sandwich (with chips) before their very eyes. The flies... the flies would even poopoo this poopoo.

It's so... so... so bad that your eyes will cross, your nose will run away, your feet will fester, your ass will get huge, your hair will suck BACK INTO your head, your boobs will sag, your taint will itch REAL bad, you'll become abnormally sweaty, your ear canals will fill up with candle wax, and you will go literally INSANE just by viewing it.

To sum up: It's Horror that is Horrible.

Proper Usage:
"Oh my GOD.. that... that movie was... uh... little sick in my mouth.. so.. so.. bad.. so... so... HORRORIBLE!!!"
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