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> FrankenBalls
Pronunciation: Frank in ballz
Function: Naughy Noun
1: This is an even STUPIDER version of Frank 'N Berries, which is a dumb reference to Franken Berry (the tasty marshmallow cereal) AND a way to talk about a feller's private parts. Compares a dude's junk to sugarlicious breakfast foods, blah blah -- said it in the Frank 'N Berries page. Guess I'm running out of creativity, just spitting out the same old shit*.

This however, is a BIT cruder and lacks the cute charm of Frank 'N Berries.

Now that I think of it, the cereal reference is actually gone alltogether. The word now directly references the famous Frankenstein monster from novels and movies without having to take a curved route through sugary cereal land.

It sounds much more MONGOLOID, MUTANT, PUTRID, and like a PECKER that has been PIECED TOGETHER from many dead corpses. Ewwwww, quite nasty really.

It was during my research for these words that I came across Franken Berry's HORRIBLE SECRET!!!. A secret so HORRIBLE that it's... A SECRET!!!

Proper Usage:
"After my girlfriend caught me cheating on her with her best friend, she poured hot coffee on my crouch and came out swinging at my boys with favorite golf clubs. Wacked on my wood like Tiger Tiger Woods y'all. I got a MAJOR case of FrankenBalls going on now. Swelled up 5 times it's normal size. Looks like a grapefruit that has been sitting outside for two weeks. I vomit when I pee now. Guess I learned my lesson the hard way."
* This is NOT a "Two Girls And A Cup" joke, but now that I have SAID this, it has BECOME a "Two Girls And A Cup Joke". If you have no idea what "Two Girls And A Cup" is then PRAY that you NEVER DO. It is the most horrifying video ever to grace the internet. Just watching the reactions to people watching it on YouTube (click here) should give you the idea about how NASTY it is. I have seen this... and I have NEVER been the same since. I will NOT give you the link. If you feel that you MUST watch this video, find it yourself. It's a bit of a search, but it's out there. Just remember, I WARNED YA!!!