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> Frank 'N Berries
Pronunciation: Frank nnnnn Bare Ees
Function: Naughy Noun
1: Not only is this word a reference to Franken Berry (the tasty marshmallow cereal), but it is also is a stupid way to talk about a feller's private parts. Nothing funnier than comparing a dude's junk to sugarlicious breakfast foods.

For a cruder variation of this, see FrankenBalls.

It was during my research for these words that I came across Franken Berry's HORRIBLE SECRET!!!. A secret so HORRIBLE that it's... A SECRET!!!

Proper Usage:
"AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! You BITCH!!! You just kicked me right in my Frank 'N Berries. AHHHHHHHH!!! I'll never be able to have children now. AHHHHHH!!!!"
(barf, wretch, and vomit)