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> Commodian
Pronunciation: Kah Moe DEE an
Function: Noun
1: This is the super hip word to use for Comedians (or people who THINK they are Comedians) who are just not worried about the fact that their jokes come straight from the shitter of the mind (much like myself). The skilled Commodian has the ability to regale us with raunch and impress us with immaturity. Some may call it lowly humor. Me... I just calls it DAMN FUNNY!!!

A great Commodian's arsenal of jokes can consist of anything from:

  • Poop Jokes.
  • Sex Jokes.
  • Sex with Poop Jokes.
  • The most FILTHIEST things that can ever be uttered by a human Jokes.
  • Fart Jokes.
  • Hellen Keller Jokes.
  • Hellen Keller Farting Jokes.
  • Puns, Puns, and More Puns (the worse the pun the better).
  • Stupid Blonde Jokes.
  • Did I mention Sex Jokes?
  • ANY joke SO FOUL that -- when uttered -- will automatically send the jovial jokester STRAIGHT TO HELL just for thinking it Jokes!!!
  • Criminally Insane Thoughts -- not jokes really. A good Commodian is most likely just INSANE and just rambles incoherently (having no grasp on linear thought). People may THINK he/she/it is amusing and sometimes the miscellaneous random blabberings come together to sound like a wacky quip or wisecrack, but in all reality -- the medication is just wearing off.
Proper Usage:
"Oh GREAT!!! Here comes (insert co-workers/friends/loved-ones name who attempts to make people vomit be telling the most shameful and bad jokes imaginable)!!! Uggghh. He* thinks he* is SUCH a COMMOOOOOOODIAN.**"

* He/She/It
** Make sure to sarcastically eloooooongate the word while saying it.