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> BonJovial
Pronunciation: Bahn Joe vee 'uhll
Function: Big Adjective
1: A new and exciting word meaning -- suggestive of a person, place, or thing that is Jon Bon Jovi-ish by nature. Easy enough. If something is LIKE Jon Bon Jovi, then it IS BonJovial. And I'm not talkin' the snazzy Actor Jovi of the '90s or the Still Rockin' Jovi of the 2000's. No -- I am talking 'bout the Super HAPPY Cheesy Jovi of the Early '80s. C'mon... how can't you love HAPPY Cheesy Jovi?

But WAIT!!! What if you have been living in a hole (and NOT Living On A Prayer) since the early '80s and do NOT know what a Bon Jovi is and what exactly a Jovi may consist of. I have put together a super-easy breakdown for you to use as a comparison in figuring out what IS and ISN'T BonJovial. Give it a try.. and maybe... just maybe... you will be lucky enought to say "Gee thanks Drooling Maniac. I now know that I am indeed BonJovial."

POP QUIZ: Let's find out how much you have learned. The following is a series of pictures. All you have to do to win is to pick out the one that is Bon Jovi. I have made it a little easy for you by actually writing out the answers RIGHT BELOW THE PICS in case you found yourself confused and befuddled.

Give it a whirl. Who knows... maybe you are now a BonJovial Master!!!

Proper Usage:
"Sweet Mother Of GOD!!! What the hell did you do to your hair? Did you have an accident in your bathtub with a downed power line. You are looking quite BonJovial today."

"I'm so happy that I wan't to cheesily sing... weeeee.... I'm a Cowboy... yeah... Steel Horse I RIDE... woooo... I'm feeling downright BonJovial today!!!"