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Pronunciation: Arrrrr-t Sock (drop the S add an M)
Function: Noun
1: I love art. Without art life would not have art (oooooh, think about that one for a few hours). Since I love art, I must laugh at, ridicule, tear apart, humiliate, and make fun of it for my own amusement. Much like I do to my wife before she starts beating me up and calling me an asshole.

Many artsy neighborhoods have something called ArtWalks. There, you get the opportunity to walk around to multiple vendors and/or galleries to admire beautiful and creative masterworks of artistic and creative human expression through the media of paint, clay, and so on.

As for me... I decided to create the ArtMock. The ArtMock is simple. Merely take a piece of art (be it recent or historical - aesthetic or graphic design/communication based) and make REALLY stupid comments about it that are typically juvenile and not respectful at all to historical significance or skill that went into creating it (but is still FUNNY AS HELL!!!)

I learned this technique early on in my Art School days. I had to memorize literally hundreds of slides for Art History (names, dates, all that fun stuff). One day I went insane from the stress of trying to cram all the information into my head. I just CRACKED and started making fun of all paintings, making up stupid stories and totalling mocking the hell out of them. Oddly enough, it worked and I aced the test. Somehow, my mocking them helped my memorize them and appreciate them even more.

Strange, I know. But by now, you should already KNOW that I'm strange. So DAMMIT, I have ArtMocked ever since. It is quite the hobby of mine. And now, through the wonders of the internet, I can spread my joy of ArtMocking to others.

Next time you see a painting, give it a shot. Mock the hell out of it. You'll quickly find out that it is indeed a joy beyond all compare. Just make sure to not do it in front of the artist. Unless ofcourse you know you can take him/her out in a fist fight to the death. You better watch out. Artists may be small, but their wiley (and CRAZY!!!! Van Gogh used to use his ear as a Chinese throwing star when people mocked his art. Try throwing a upper-cut when he's tossing his ear right into your right eye. Not so easy, is it there pilgrim).

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