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This site has been created for entertainment purposes, based off the most unequaled, unmatched, and unparalleled concepts ever created from the collective mind of the Human Race: Humor, Horror, and Heavy Metal.

Since this (www.DroolingManiac) is a web site created for humorous purposes, there are creative writings and other media (cartoons, sketches, animation, interactive multimedia, audio tracks) contained within (www.DroolingManiac.com) that are based off of truth-stretching, stupidness, distortions, exaggerations, fabrications, falsehoods, falsities, fibs, and just plain piles of bullshit.

The "Small Tangents" section is mostly fictitious creative writing with small smatterings of true-life wackiness (which is typically specified in the blurb somewhere abouts concerning the state of said blurbs place on the graph of truthfulness).

The "History" sections are upright truth (with a mix of sarcasm and blatant in-your-face untruth to add some zest). If you are confused and need to know if Tom Cruise was really going to change my Scary Alien Story into a script for his next movie (History #15: That Ain't No Laser Pointer), then you probably have issues with perceiving common sense reality from dumb fantasy. You may want to look for immediate medical attention for your fractured mental state or see the Contact information below.

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If you have any questions or need further information concerning the content on this site (www.DroolingManiac.com), please contact the good people at Drooling Maniac at the following email, themaniac@droolingmaniac.com.

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Concerning GuestBook Privileges

If at any time, you wish your addition to the GuestBook page be deleted, please contact us at themaniac@droolingmaniac.com with the information and it will be removed.

If at any time, the administrator of the GuestBook deems that the content that has been added by user is unacceptable and exceeds the realms of cruelty, crudness, and nastiness (and believe me, the standards are rock bottom) deemed suitable for the site, then the administrator has the right to delete the content at any time.