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I have surfed the web...oh yes...I have surfed. And what I have found amuses yet scares the hell out of me. Check out these bizarre sites that The Legion Of Maniacs and myself have come across in my journeys.

Welcome to possibly the most important turning point in modern history:
The Ultimate List Of Links
Also known as www.UltimateListOfLinks.com or www.UltimateLOL.com for short.
The CALL IS OUT for the funniest, strangest, and/or most disturbing sites on the internet. The Maniac needs YOU!!!

Do you know of any other oddities out there that yearn to be in a list? Email it to me at: themaniac@droolingmaniac.com. If you want your name, email, or web address listed underneath the link as a referer, make sure to specify this in your email.

The ultimate goal is to create the ULTIMATE LIST OF LINKS for the curiously strange, funny, bizarre, and slightly-off internet eccentricities out there that every Maniac AND Mortal can use. PLEASE HELP in the continuation of the madness.
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  • Humor LinksBack To Top
  • 30 Second Bunny Theatre
    Yes...animated bunnies re-enacting movies.
  • Ask A Ninja
    He'll be killing you soon. I am ninja, you are ninja, we are ninja too.
  • Book Gaurdian's Bad Sex Writings Award
    So sexy, so funny, so BAD!!! The worst of the worst sex scenes from cheesy romance novels.
  • Chuck Norris Facts
    Oh yes...Chuck in all his Norris-ness.
  • eBaum's World
    Viral Video Heaven.
  • Happy Tree Friends
    They are so BLOODY cute. Can't get enought of their wacky misadventures.
  • International Gingerkids Foundation
    Please help us spread understanding and acceptance of these freckled fiends.
  • Knox's Korner
    Claymation with a twist of bizarre wit.
  • Liquid Generation
    Have YOU been sabotaged?
  • Mother of All Excuses Place
    Need a reason to get out of going to school, calling off work, breaking off a date.... This site has THOUSANDS of excuses (good, bad, and just stupid) all ready for you to use.
  • My Cat Hates You
    A vast collection of the most pissed off pussies out there.
  • Newgrounds
    Great place for flash animations.
  • Onion, The
    Fake news is great news.
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time
    Awesome. Everybody get your baseball bat.
  • Pythonline
    All hail the power of the Python.
  • Rather Good
    We LOVE the Moon (and other crazy shit).
  • South Park Studios
    From the mouths of babes.
  • South Park Create Your Own Character
    Make YOURSELF into a South Park character. This is LOADS of FUN!!! Make your entire family or everyone you work with. Good Times.
  • Star Wars Kid
    The History of the Legend.
  • Stick Death
    Kick Stick Ass.
  • Stuff On My Cat
    More Cat Sites!! Nothing is funnier than putting stuff on cats.
  • Three Brain
    Weeeeeeeeee (or Gonads and Strife). Super weird animation.
  • Truth Behind Email
    Amen, brother.
  • Weebls Stuff
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahaha and SO MUCH MORE!!! Genius.
  • Horror LinksBack To Top
  • All Things Zombie
    This site... uh... has all things zombie. Duh!
  • Evil Dead: The Musical
    Yes.. it's true. There is a musical playing in New York based off of the Evil Dead movies. How cool is that?
  • Flash Zombies
    Zombies are cool as hell. Check out "Hello Zombie" and "Zombie Sprites" and "The Dead" cartoons.
  • My Living Dead Girl
    Life sure sucks when you are a pre-teen and a ZOMBIE. Check out this web comic strip.
  • Shoggoth on the Roof, A
    Cthulhu come to LIFE in song and dance. This is also a part of the O-fficial H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Tons of Lovecraftian delights can be found here.
  • Unusual Phobias
    People write to this site concerning their weird phobias. As for me... well... I have a phobia of phobia sites that list phobias. Didn't know that until NOW!!! AAAHHHHH!!!
  • Xombie
    The BEST undead animation web series I have ever seen. Dark humor mixed with zombies. A winning combination. A MUST SEE.
  • Zombie Survival Guide, The
    So the world's has been taken over by zombies and you don't have a CLUE what to do. This book is the ULTIMATE in zombie information and survival in a world filled with the undead.
  • Heavy Metal LinksBack To Top
  • Black Sabbath Online
    A site full o' stuff concering the great-great-grandpappies of METAL.
  • Dio
    The official site for the world's greatest metal singer of all time. Dio rocked for a long long time. He sings songs of wildebeasts and angels. He has soared on the wings of a demon.
  • Heavy Metal Magazine
    Nothing better than half naked chicks with guns. The quintessential magazine of illustrated fantasy.
  • Iron Maiden
    Official site for the group.
  • Judas Priest
    The official site for Priest... Priest... Preist.
  • King Diamond
    Homey was crazzzzzy evil long before Marilyn Manson went Boo. Master of the horror stories albums: Abigail, Them, etc. Yes... yes... yes...
  • Manowar
    Official site for the group. Get out your barbarian outfits and time to reign through the power of STEEL... Let us march against the world.
  • MegaDeth
    Official site for the thrash metal band MegaDeth (hell YEAH).
  • Metallica
    Official site for the group. Time to Ride the Lightning... you little puppets.
  • Metal Roots
    An Aural History of Heavy Metal.
  • Queensryche
    I listened to the concept album "Operation: Mindcrime" over and over and over and over. C'mon. All about revolution, mobs, murder and nunwhores. And they just came out with a sequel to the album almost 20 Years later (God, I feel old).
  • Rhapsody of Fire
    Official site for the group. Epic fantastical landscapes of METAL. They even sang a couple songs with Christopher Lee (Saruman: Lord of the Rings Trilogy). Wow... just... wow.
  • Bizarre LinksBack To Top
  • Guimp.com
    The world's smallest web site.
  • Lileks.com
    Humiliating Defenseless Ephemera Since 1966. Full of old Ads, Comics, Matchbooks, Postcards and much more. Disturbing.
  • Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers
    You've got to know when to hold 'em.
  • Murmur, Stan
    Butt Printing Artist. I'd buy one of his pieces of work, but I hear they really looks like ass.
  • Summum: Modern Mummification
    So you don't wan't to be cremated, stuffed in a box, or eaten when you die. Try MUMMIFICATION. It's for real. Make Daddy into a Mummy. Decorate them for Christmas. Thousands of uses for your loved ones that have passed on.
  • Weird & Different Recipes
    Interested in cooking up some Pumpernickel Pus Lumps, Pickled Pigs' Ears, or Lizard Tongues On Crackers. Only the most DISGUSTING recipes for the most peculiar of palates.
  • Zombo.com
    You can do ANYTHING at Zombo.com.
  • Cool Game LinksBack To Top
  • Nobody Nose
    Most amusing nose hair game I ever played.
  • Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer
    Dudes...scary...too scary. Very difficult game.
  • Virtual Bubble Wrap
    Highly addictive. MUST HAVE MORE!!!
  • Virtual Lite-Brite
    Fun, fun, fun.
  • Sausage LinksBack To Top
  • Hormel's Glossary of Sausage
    Wow, a full description WITH PICTURES about man's second favorite tube of meat.
  • Lone Sausage
    Creators of "Dr. Tran" and a bunch of other wacked out animations.
  • National Hot Dog and Sausage Council
    I had no idea that there was a grand council of the weiner.
  • Sausage Fans
    The complete guide the the Great British Banger.
  • Cuff LinksBack To Top
  • Cufflinks.com
    So sparkly. I have to admit, I have NEVER worn a Cuff Link in my life.
  • USB Cuff Links
    I shit you not. Somebody actually thought this up.
  • Missing LinksBack To Top
  • Missing Link, The
    Archaeological Forgery and Fictions of the First Human.
  • Transitional Fossil
    A transitional fossil or transitional form is the fossilized remains of a life form that illustrates an evolutionary transition. It can be identified by having certain primitive (plesiomorphic) traits in comparison with its more derived relatives, such as defined in the study of cladistics.
  • You ARE the Missing Link
    Mad T.V. goodness.
  • Lancelot LinksBack To Top
  • I Created Lancelot Link
    Riveting Documentary about the creation of the best television ever on.. uh.. television.
  • Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution
    So much to learn about Lancelot. Bunches of pictures and you get to listen to songs too. Ooooooh.. ook ook.
  • Monk-E-Mail
    Send a Monkey to a friend.