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> Small Tangents
The ULTIMATE in Bizarre Digressions. This section is jam packed full of oddities and strangeness. Come, journey into the mind and frolic full force in the meanderings of the Maniac.
> Dork-tionary
Put on your reading glasses and begin your studies, young one. This section contains Dork-tionary words (stupid words I have made up), En-Psycho-pedia entries (normal things as seen through the eyes of the Maniac), and
One-Liners (odd sayings).
> The History Of The Maniac
Check out this section to view over 200 PAGES of facts and fun concerning "The Drooling Maniac". From Conception to Pre-Drool to Grade Skool to Heavy Metal Highschool to The Lost Years to the College Haze to becoming a Work Zombie. It's ALL here for your enjoyment. Stories, drawing, and wacky remembrances mixed with tons of video fun.
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