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> The Making of a Psycho
The "Drooling Maniac" is a Manicly Obsessed Multimedia Designer, Super Anal Retentive Data Organizer, Crazy Cartoonist, Wrinkled Writer, Painful Poet, Hapless Humorist, Psuedo-Metal God, Horror Enthusiast, Wacky Wit, Colossal Uber Dork that has a tendency of writing about himself in the third person (which is quite annoying really).
Over 200 Page Of Fun (Click a link below)

He lives with his lovely wife, two wacked-out cats, a hoard of over 300 super-bad below B horror movies, a repertory of '80s heavy metal cassettes, a vast collection of action figures, a stockpile of Playstation 2 and PC games, and his computer Sam in a small apartment.

Check out the links above to view over 200 PAGES of facts and fun concerning me (oops, broke Third Person... I mean "The Drooling Maniac") There are also TONS of nutty videos all over the place snagged from YouTube to make the experience SUPER SPECIAL and truly draw you into the world of the Maniac.